Man Walks Around NYC For 10 Hours As a Black Trump Supporter, Look At Chilling Thing He Caught On Video

Oh the tolerant left. Despite their endless rhetoric about being the party that’s for the rights of minorities, quite the opposite occurs whenever they come across an African-American person who does not tout their same liberal BS.

In the following undercover video, a member Project Vertias went around New York City as a black Trump supporter in order to capture the reactions of the “tolerant left” who live in the city. And what was caught on video was completely disgusting, quickly proving that the far-left morons aren’t about “Trumping hate,” the favorite slogan they love to throw around.  In addition to throwing every derogatory term in the book at him, one person even had the ridiculous audacity to call the black guy a “Nazi” for his choice to vote Trump


It’s unreal how toxic and vile liberals are. They’re anything but the party of “tolerance” and “love” as they continually try to claim.

H/T [Project Veritas]


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