Man Wearing Gorilla Suit and “All Lives Matter” T-shirt Tackled on 40 Yd. Line at Soldier Field …Is Black Man

Their always seems to be a never ending source of morons to keep us wildly entertained from political draul. This news is no exception. A man wearing an All Lives Matter tshirt wore a gorilla suit to a football game and was tackled at the forty yard line at Soldier Stadium.

Some took to social media to talk about it. Some just talked about what was going on while others called out the anonymous gorilla man for being racist. One guy even mentioned that the man in the outfit and costume was actually an black American man. The irony is clearly lost on many. Some people just cannot take a joke and take things far to seriously.

A picture of the man as he was tackled shows a part of his lower leg being revealed. You can see the mans dark skin showing he is black American. Nothing much is known about the man who ran through the the field, such as his motives or intentions. Whether it was politically motivated or not. Either instance would make sense.

This incident certainly distorts the notion that only white people believe in the idea of all lives matter. However, it is also a possibility that this man does not lean politically to the left or right but instead was simply trying to make a scene to get attention and is mentally unstable. Either one of those scenarios would make perfect sense.

Ths behavior is just so utterly ridiculous you cannot help but laugh. But then you realize how sad our society has become that we need things like this to entertain ourselves. Instead we should be focusing on important issues of substance that matter. For instance, the presidential election.

Nobody in the progressive liberal mainstream media has reported on it. Perhaps that is for the better.

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