Man Who Researched Clinton Found Dead, But His Last Words Are The Scary Part [VIDEO]

In the past 60 days there have been 4 suspicious deaths that can be tied to Hillary Clinton and/or the Democrat National Committee… yet the media remains SILENT! 54-yr-old investigative researcher and well-known author of Clinton family expose’s, ‘Victor Thorne’, was found dead.

Thorne was found on a mountain a few miles from his home, with a bullet wound to his head.
His death has been ruled a suicide, according to police reports, a claim disputed by some family members, and Thorn’s colleagues — and his own chilling words to a talk show host.
Thorn, whose birth name was Scott Robert Makufka, was a contributor for the American Free Press, a political activist, and the author of over 20 books.
He was best known his Clinton trilogy, Hillary (And Bill): The Sex Volume, Hillary (And Bill): The Drugs Volume, and Hillary (And Bill): The Murder Volume, as well as his latest book, Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.
American Free Press released an announcement of Thorn’s death, and said his latest book had been “selling off the shelves” at AFP recently.

Other suspicious murders the last couple months:
*Bernie Sanders supporter,Shawn Lucas was found dead from “undetermined” causes after serving legal papers to the DNC in a lawsuit alleging fraud.
*Young DNC staffer, Seth Conrad Rich, was murdered while jogging in DC in a neighborhood considered to be very safe. *Fmr UN official John Ashe was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and Democrat Party but was found to have “accidentally” crushed his own throat just a week before giving testimony.

This isn’t the first time Clintons have been accused of murder. There have been 90 suspicious deaths of individuals close to Bill Clinton with 81 of those deaths while he was President. Radio talk show host, Russell Scott, says in the recording BELOW that Thorne told him last year that: “Russell, if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

Warning: Audio contains strong language.

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