MASSIVE MANHUNT: Trump’s Life In Danger As Feds Search Frantically For This Man After What They Found

Recently released video reveals a man suspected of stealing firearms from a southern Wisconsin gun store, had just prior sent out an envelope with containing an anti-government manifesto. Who did he send it to?

President Donald Trump.

So far, there are more than 150 law enforcement officers out there searching for 32-year-old Joseph A. Jakubowski of Janesville, Wisconsin. The lunatic responsible for sending the letter. Investigators are looking into Jakubowski and believe he stole ‘a large quantity of high-end handguns and rifles’ from a Janesville gun shop on Tuesday, according to a statement by Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden.

Public schools and local colleges called it ‘non-specific threats’, which was enough worry to have them shut down until the matter could be resolved.

Jakubowski released a 15-minute-long social media video on Friday, showing the footage of himself mailing off the letter to Trump.

He poses with the envelope addressed to the president, and judging by his words, it would appear to be some sort of anti-government manifesto. It was recorded by an unidentified friend who spookily says: ‘Y’all have no idea what’s about to happen.’

All this while they wait for stamps at the post office…

As Jakubowski lays the stamps down on the envelope his friend claims: ‘You’ll never forget this face, ever.’

Jakubowski in surveillance footage from the gun shop.

Jakubowski’s car was found burning near the gun shop he robbed.

FBI and Rock County sheriff’s detectives searching for Jakubowski.

After mailing the envelope, Jakubowski tells the camera: ‘Anyone who got this letter, you might want to read it. There you see it’s good s***. Revolutionary. It’s time for change.’

Jakubowski mailed out his letter to the President just hours before his robbery of the gun store, in which he also stole a bullet-proof vest and helmet. He has become the prime suspect in the burglary of Armageddon Gun Shop after authorities found a vehicle that had been registered in his name, burning right off a rural road about three miles from the store within, just a half hour after he breaks in.

What this guy is planning looks REAL BAD. Law enforcement needs to find him before he can hurt anyone… Himself, NOT included.

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