From Mad World News: Most all of us who have seen Disney movies have noticed a common them among the princesses that are featured in them — they’re all white. When a woman tried to claim that Disney is trying to “whitewash” their movies by ensuring that the princesses remain white, a man had a reply that’s deserving of a standing ovation.

One Tumblr user posted an image of 4 Disney characters representative of the four seasons with the following comment:

[pull_quote_center]“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter represented by the princesses (and a Queen).”[/pull_quote_center]

One woman that felt this was a racist representation and wrote, “Are you sure they don’t all represent winter because everything looks pretty white.”

What happens after that is pure genius. The idiotic claims that Disney’s movies are racist or somehow meant to disparage minorities, which liberals often try to claim, are completely destroyed.

A man replied to the posts and pointed out in an epic fashion the origins of said fairy tales as well as the ethnic demographics of the countries in which the authors were from. Unsurprisingly, they all happened to be based on white characters from white majority countries.

Who would have thought that sticking to a story was racist?

Whether progressive militants want to believe it or not, there are things in life that aren’t focused around race. Just because that’s what they equate everything to, doesn’t mean the rest of us sane people do.

Check out the sequence below, then let us know what you think with a comment:

Man’s EPIC Reply to Woman Claiming Disney is ‘Racist’ for Having All White Princesses

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