Marching Bands Bite Back Hard After Sportscaster Calls Them ‘Dorks.’ The Army’s Retort Is Just Classic.

Bad boy sportscaster Jim Rome — who once got knocked to the studio floor after he refused to stop insulting an apparently fed-up pro quarterback during a TV interview — has shown he’s no match for angry marching bands.

Rome took to Twitter on New Year’s Day and then took aim: ”Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?”

Offended musicians everywhere fired back at the sportscaster with the hashtag #MarchOnRome and a storm was quickly brewing:Capture

The best response may have been from the U.S. Army, which let Rome know service members are far from “dorks” and do quite a bit more than “running around” with their instruments:


The typically unflappable Rome not only took down his offending Twitter post but also was quick to apologize, offering this mea culpa on Friday.

Courtesy of TheBlaze

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