Marine BANNED From Attending His Own Graduation Ceremony For Absolutely FOUL Reason

Under the Obama administration, we saw an uptick in disrespect for our military men and women. Barack and Michelle Obama showed their constant disdain for the brave men and women who defend our great nation. Instead of Obama showing our military the utmost respect he cut their benefits and shrunk us to pre-World War II capabilities. On top of it all, his nasty attitude was adopted by many of our youth and adults in leadership. Which is evident when one proud Marine was banned from his graduation for this horrible reason. 

Most parents would be thrilled to have their son or daughter volunteer to serve our great country. The sacrifice that our brave man and women make when they decide to serve and protect our nation is admirable. Though there are those on the left that continue to demonize their honorable sacrifice. Sadly that was demonstrated again when a Marine flew back for his graduation only to discover he was banned.

Jacob Dalton Stanley, a high school student from Indiana, graduated early in December and signed up for the Marines. This amazing young man then completed a boot camp a week before graduation and was planning to attend. Obviously proud of his amazing achievement, Stanley wanted to wear his Marine dress blues for his graduation. However, the school administration refused to allow him to wear them since it went against dress code.

Jacob Dalton Stanley

You just cannot make this stuff up folks.

According to Fox News:


Of course this completely disrespectful, and this all thanks to Obama and his legacy.

After Stanley was banned from graduating his classmates were horrified and took to social media to voice their outrage.



Again, this is the sort of disrespect that needs to be changed in our country. However, if Stanley wanted to walk across the stage in a g-string or a dress I am sure the administration would gladly oblige. 

Stanley’s achievement should be applauded and not punished in any way. In this day and age, hard work and dedication is almost a novelty to find in the younger generation. To see someone so young make this enormous sacrifice is something that should be honored and commended.

It will take time, to turn the tide that has been set upon our country. However, with young people like Stanley around I have hope for our future again.


H/T [ Milo Yiannopoulos ]

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