Marine Confronts Bill Clinton Over Hillary’s Many Lies… (VIDEO)

via Louder with Crowder: Bill Clinton held a rally in South Carolina to inspire his many “fans” to vote for his wife, Hillary Clinton. When this young marine began to touch on the subject of Benghazi, lots of old lady booing ensued.

It gets a bit hard to hear what’s going on in this video, so here’s a brief transcript:

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton asked.

The man responded that he’s seen Gold Star families “who have mourned.”

“We had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up.”


The man continued to talk…CLINTON: “I heard your speech. I heard your speech. Will you let me answer? I’m not your commander in chief anymore but if I were, I’d tell you to be more polite and sit down.”

MARINE keeps yelling.

CLINTON: “Do you have the courage to listen to my answer? Don’t throw him out. Shut up and listen to my answer. I’ll answer it.”

MARINE escorted out by law enforcement.

WOMAN: “Hillary lied over four coffins! She lied and she lied to those families, so all those families are liars? I want to know. Did she lie?”

CLINTON: “Are you going to give me a chance to answer?”

WOMAN: “Answer. Did she lie?”


WOMAN: “Those families are lying?”

CLINTON: “Will you listen to me?”

CROWD drowns woman out with yelling of their own.

WOMAN: “No, I’m not going to shut up!”

CLINTON: “Why are you trying to not listen to my answer?”

WOMAN: “I am”

CLINTON: “Are you afraid?”

WOMAN: “No. I’m not afraid because I know you’re going to lie.”

Both the Marine and the woman were escorted out to boos from the Clinton crowd.


Okay, here’s the thing. They were heckling Clinton at a Clinton speech. So yes, the marine and the woman were acting a bit rowdy. And rude. But if I had to guess…well, I do have to guess–I can’t interview the Marine and this woman–my guess is they wanted to make a point about the Clintons. Which they did. Did they go about it the best way possible? That’s the wrong question to ask. What other avenue do Clinton skeptics and opponents have? The media isn’t asking these questions. Democrats are not asking Hillary or Bill about Benghazi. So far the FBI has sat on its hands about Hillary’s email server. Hillary has gotten away with murder (See also This Anti-Hillary Benghazi Ad is Absolutely Brutal…).


What other option do people have in exposing the Clintons as criminals?

The good news is, thanks to new media, social media (as long as it’s not censored) and the internet, stories like this can spread. Young voters who aren’t up on all the nitty-gritty details of the Clinton Criminal Empire can access information about how disgusting these people are. Read Juanita Broadderick Takes to Twitter: “Bill Clinton Raped Me…”

Whether or not it will make a difference, only time will tell. But so far, voter turnout in Democrat primaries are way down. So perhaps the bloom that was never quite on the Clinton rose is rotting.


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