Marine Creates ‘Challenge’ for Kaepernick Jersey… And It’s Going VIRAL

Colin Kaepernick continues to dominate the media headlines over his decision to refuse to partake in the national anthem before his football games. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 because they best way to have dealt with it was to ignore it but that ship has long ago sailed. Kaepernick would only be making an impact of the media allows it and it does. If they had ignored it, he would have gone away. That media bias speaks for itself.

Across the nation some have been retaliating by burning Kaepernick’s jersey and posting the videos online to different social media outlets. One soldier decided to follow suit. In a video he posted he calls Kaepernick disgusting and says that he and other veterans fought for his right to disrespect the American flag.

He says he intends on burn his jersey and labels it the Burn Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey challenge. He proceeds to set the jersey on fire while an American flag is hanging in the background and he salutes as the national anthem plays. As well, he finishes saluting once the anthem is complete.

Perhaps Kaepernick could take a page from this veterans book. A lesson on class,mdignity, and respect. Kaepernick has completely disrespected his country and its veterans who provide him the liberty to behave the way he is.

This athlete is nothing more than a fool with mediocre talent that needed the media and it’s fifteen minutes of fame in order to prolong his NFL career. Unfortunately, he did it at the expense of the respect of veterans. Now fans and citizens alike are furious across both sides of the aisle.

His grand scheme to get everyone talking about “important issues” has not even worked because all people are talking about is how entitled, ignorant, privileged, and disrespectful he sounds and behaves.



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