Marine hero Dakota Meyer puts ‘sheep hunting lions’ message on shirt as an FU to ISIS


From BizPac: Bristol Palin’s fiancé, decorated Marine war hero Dakota Meyer, has message for the Islamic State and a call to action for Americans.

Meyer says – on a T-shirt created by Ranger Up, a company that makes patriotic shirts, “isis hunting Americans is like a sheep hunting lions.”

Dakota Meyer ShirtPhoto credit Ranger Up.

“A lot of people in the media and the military have made a big fuss about the domestic isis threat towards American service members and veterans,” Meyer said in the description for the shirt. “It’s good to be aware and cognizant, but my only fear is that my fellow veterans will let this threat consume them with fear. This is not who we are as American veterans and, more importantly, as American people.

Dakota Meyer ShirtPhoto credit Ranger Up.

“I want the world to know: The cowardly flocks of sheep will always submit to the waiting lions,” he added.

Another shirt quoting Meyer says, “Never Outgunned.”

That’s appropriate because Meyer is the second youngest living Medal of Honor recipient and the first Marine to receive the award in 38 years.

He received the honor for his heroics in rescuing 12 wounded allies and providing cover for 24 outnumbered Marines and soldiers in a battle in Afghanistan.

—Courtesy of BizPac Review

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