Marine With No Legs JUST Heard The National Anthem And Immediately Does This! WOW!

Sometimes American soldiers aren’t appreciated or taken care of when they return home wounded. It’s sad, it’s terrible, and our country needs to realize that we have everything because of those who fight for us.

This is not one of those terrible stories, but quite the opposite.

This is a true feel good story, one that may bring tears to your eyes when you see the smile on this soldiers face. He gave more than many, and finally someone cared enough to appreciate it and return the favor.

The Gary Sinese Foundation helped USMC GySgt. Guillermo Tejada and his family get a new home. And it’s an absolutely remarkable home.

But that’s not even the best part of the story! Not only does this wounded Marine get a new home to shelter his beautiful family, but he does something else to win your heart.

This man hears the National Anthem and guess what he does? He stands for his country and he doesn’t even have legs.

Think about that heartwarming feeling for a while. Let it remind you that there’s so much our soldiers give up so that we can live life with freedom in America.


Gary Sinese Foundation – Check out these photos from the custom specially adapted #smarthome dedication today, for a deserving #woundedhero in #Texas. This forever home is made possible through the Gary Sinise Foundation ‘s R.I.S.E Program (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment).

Special Thanks to H-E-B and Home Depot Foundation ( Team Depot) along with many other donors for their funding support of this home for USMC GySgt. Guillermo Tejada and his family.

And of course, Mr. Tejada certainly has the American flag raised at his wonderful new home.

He deserves this home and we should take care of our military when they need it. We take them for granted way too much and we don’t realize the sacrifices they’ve made.

Let’s treat our soldiers like gold.

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