Martial Law In FULL EFFECT Now In Town Where Mob Of Muslims Just Took Over – Look What’s In The Streets!

Last night there was a tragic terrorist attack in Manchester, England during an Ariana Grande concert. This attack that killed 22 plus people and injured over 50 more was indeed was perpetrated by ISIS. Not too long after the attack, the police were able to arrest the vile piece of filth that did this to so many innocent people. Salman Abedi was, in fact, a Libyan refugee which proves why there should be tougher vetting processes around the globe. These people are never going to assimilate to any culture but rather take over by any means necessary. Which is exactly what is happening in one town that has been taken over by Muslims. Now, martial law is in effect, and I wonder if this could happen in our own backyards soon.

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has had to declare martial law earlier on Tuesday. This had to be done after fierce fighting broke out between the Philippines and militants with alleged ties to ISIS. The forces clashed in Marawi City, which is the capital of Lanao del Sur Province.

President Rodrigo Duterte

Here are some of the terrifying images of the fierce fight.

Shortly after, they announcement was made that President Duterte declared martial law.

Here is more on this according to Daily Mail:

The Philippines has declared martial law on the southern island of Mindanao after a fierce bout of fighting between the army and militants with links to ISIS.

President Rodrigo Duterte made the announcement on Tuesday in Moscow where he was on an official visit.

Earlier on Tuesday, forces clashed with militants in Marawi City, the capital of Lanao del Sur Province, during a government attempt to capture Isnilon Hapilon, the leader of an ISIS branch in Southeast Asia.

Three members of the security forces were killed and 12 wounded, Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told a news conference, as clashes erupted in the wake of what the military said was a raid on a flat where about 15 rebels were hiding.

Lt. Gen. Eduardo Ano, the armed forces chief of staff, said nearly 50 gunmen entered Marawi City, which has a population of about 200,000 and burned houses and other buildings to sow confusion during the fighting, the Associated Press reported.

One group of fighters took up positions near a hospital, where they raised a black ISIS style flag, while others battled troops and police near a provincial jail.

‘The whole of Marawi City is blacked out,’ Lorenzana said. ‘There is no light, and there are Maute snipers all around,’ so the Philippine troops are holding their positions. He said reinforcements would arrive Wednesday.

Mr. Duterte canceled a meeting set for Wednesday with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and planned to cut short his trip, during which he was also due to meet Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Putin was set to meet Duterte on Tuesday, rather than Thursday, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov was quoted as TASS news agency.

The government urged civilians on Mindanao to stay in their homes or flee if it was safe, and the military said reinforcements of an initial 500 soldiers were on the way but were being hamstrung by rebels blocking roads.

The militants belong to the Maute group, which has pledged allegiance to ISIS in the Middle East in 2014. Previous military offensives against the Maute, based in Lanao del Sur province, have lasted several days.

‘There are Maute snipers all around, so the troops are still holding and elements have already joined,’ Lorenzana.

Fires raged in Marawi but the military and the city’s mayor said the situation was now under control.

ISIS definitely picked the wrong guy to mess with in my opinion. You see, President Rodrigo Duterte does not deal with the criminal element lightly at all. After, Duterte was elected president he unleashed hell on the nation’s drug dealers that had killed more than 7,000 people. He also went on to publically brag about killing suspected criminals himself. To top it all off, Duterte also called then-President Barack Obama “a son of a whore”.

So, when I say that ISIS picked the wrong guy to mess with I mean it. Duterte will not take this lying down and I am sure all those that are captured will be dealt with harshly. Hopefully, this will teach all these ISIS scumbags a serious lesson in who not to screw around with.


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