Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece Endorses DONALD TRUMP – “I Fully Agree With So Many Things That He’s Saying”

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Has formally given her endorsement via Fox News for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Which is surprising considering one would thing she would be an adamant supporter of Hillary Clinton given her ancestry.

Dr. Alveda King said,

“I listened very carefully to everything Mr. Trump has said in the last 72 hours or so and I fully agree with so many of the things that he’s saying. He has taken a page from the book of my daddy, A. D. King, and my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. looking at the climate, people and really being concerned about what’s happening in every community across America.

Look at the tweets and videos on social media,

She once said about Donald Trump and his/her stance on pro-life and abortion issues,

“I personally have met Mr. Trump and have spoken with his staff and supporters on a regular basis, and find them very open to pro-life discussions. I remain saddened by the ‘winner take all by any means necessary’ affront that is being promulgated in this election season.”

Earlier this month she made a statement about voting in the upcoming election,

So, let’s overlook personal personality preferences; vote for the candidate with the greater potential to deliver on the issues most closely aligned with our faith and what is good for America.

This choice may be uncomfortable. But remember, we’re trusting God’s wisdom instead of a human candidate (Prov. 3:5-8).For me, it’s sanctity of human life, procreation, racial justice, economic growth and stability, a positive work ethic, good health, safe borders, domestic harmony, good jobs, sustainable values based education, family stability, and a God-guided U.S. Supreme Court: all biblical. Even the building of the wall. It’s not a first! Ezra and Nehemiah did that.”

Clearly she is far more conservative than her family.

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