Masked Terrorist Who Savagely Assaulted Trump Supporter ID’d – Look Where He Works!

An Antifa rioter viciously attacked a Donald Trump supporter and it seems that he might be identified as an ethics professor in the Bay Area of California.

He allegedly beat the man with a bike lock that left him severely injured. The assault took place at the Berkeley free speech rally last week. This man could see himself charged with a serious misdemeanor or felony charges.

Here’s a video of the brutal attack.

Allegedly they were able to find the masked terrorist after a crowdsourced fund through 4chan.

You have got to love modern day technology. It really does work miracles, doesn’t it? If it weren’t for social media outlets this savage animal might not have ever been found. He certainly looks like an animal from the pictures he has posted online.

After messages and comments on message boards were exchanged online people believe they found the animal responsible for committing this crime. If true, he is a philosophy and ethics professor named Eric Clanton. The video was not embedded into the original article due to the violent nature of the attack.

However, online investigators with conservative sites found the man they believe perpetrated the track and are now circulating his picture. Look here,

The picture appears to come from his Twitter account. The picture from his Twitter account is strikingly similar to that of the one from the riot where the Donald Trump supporter was injured. Look below and compare for yourself to see,

Another social media profile from OKCupid also shows a striking similarity in terms of physical appearance. It also shows the alleged attacker discussing his desire for a so-called revolution. Look below,

His Rate My Professors account indicated he might work at both Diablo Valley College and San Francisco State University. That University could be his alma mater where he attended for his undergraduate degree. The investigative work done online is merely amateur work done by online activists. No police or law enforcement organization is known to be investigating the case or filing any sort of charges against the man.

There is a massive amount of irony if he is the perpetrator since he is a philosophy and ethics professor. What kind of ethics professor goes around and attacks people who disagree with him. How scary that he is that he is the one educating the young minds of the future. What will our future look like as this man is leading by poor example?

It would seem appropriate that authorities would at least look into this man. Online personalities have already done a lot of the work and the similarity itself seems enough reason for them to at least give it a second look. He should be locked up and put in prison for his crime if he is the one who committed it. Not continuing his classroom teaching.

This just goes to show the liberal hypocrisy of today. They go around preaching tolerance and acceptances of those who are different yet they viciously attack a Donald Trump supporter simply because they disagree with them. Nobody deserves to be in the hospital just cause they have different political opinions.

The election is over and people need to get used to the fact that President Trump is the President. They need to stop whining, and crying, and going to rallies that aren’t actually going to effect any change what so ever. They should contribute to society in a healthy and productive way if they really feel their needs to be a change. This is not a change we can believe in.

President Trump should encourage Attorney General Jeff Sessions to treat these crimes as federal hate crimes because that is exactly what they are. Federal hate crimes are treated as felonies in the eyes of the criminal justice system and they can at times lead to the death penalty if the case warrants it as is the case with Dylan Roofe. Because people should not be going unpunished for these crimes.

People need to know that their actions have consequences and in the United States of America if you attack another person because they are different than then you will feel the full force of the criminal justice system. This should be the new America because this is what will make America great again.

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