MASSIVE BETRAYAL: In Final Speech As Secretary of State, John Kerry Makes RIDICULOUS Claims About Israel

Even the United Nation’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon admitted on Friday that the number of resolutions made by his organization have “disproportionately” gone against Israel. The outgoing leader of the UN also conceded that the anti-Israeli bias exuded by his colleagues has detrimentally affected the way his organization handles international affairs.

To give some numbers, in 2016, the U.N. general assembly passed 5 times more resolutions against Israel than against North Korea, Syria, Russia, Iran, and the rest of world… COMBINED. In fact last year the UN did almost the exact same thing as they did this year: In 2015 there were 20 resolutions against Israel and just 3 against the rest of the world combined.

Usually the United States is the sole country who defects from the way the UN votes is the United States. Not last week however, when the US abstained from voting on a resolution condemning Israel, rather than voting against it.

John Kerry is trying to defend the action, and making himself look like an even bigger idiot in the process.

Mark Levin writing for the Conservative Review reported:

John Kerry just delivered the most outrageous speech of any top American official in modern times. As if a special pleader for the Palestinians, his speech was an exposition in propaganda. He distorted history, cherry-picked facts, selectively used quotes by other political figures, gave a completely dishonest portrayal of Israeli society and policies, omitted endless examples of Israeli restraint in the face of endless examples of Palestinian terrorism and threats of war by surrounding regimes, and on and on. Not once did he bother to provide the full pre-1967 history of the region, including the Palestinian involvement with the Nazis; moreover, not a word about the PLO, the 1967 war, the 1973 war, etc.

Indeed, Kerry repeatedly positioned the Israeli government as controlled by extremists and their defensive efforts to protect their citizenry as acts of aggression in an attempt to marginalize Benjamin Netanyahu. Of course, Kerry ignored the 5,000-year-old connection the Jews have to the land, which even the League of Nations recognized in its 1922 Mandate for Palestine.

So consumed by his own conceit, Kerry then went through a list of peace parameters which he insisted upon. He dismissed the views of the incoming Trump administration, claiming that within weeks of the end of the Obama administration now was the time to speak out. A rambling, self-serving, deceitful speech capping a diabolical act of betrayal and sabotage at the UN.

Here’s Levin.

Trust me – there won’t be a day when our children read in the history books that John Kerry was the man responsible for peace in the middle east.

In fact, I think one headline from the satirical paper The Onion perfectly captures the absurdity of it all…


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