Massive Brawl Erupts At Restaurant After Mob Of Blacks Attack Busboy For Smiling (VIDEO)

Most people celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and chocolate or maybe taking mom out for a nice brunch, but they do things a little different in the ATL. Apparently starting a massive brawl in the middle of a restaurant over mistakenly perceived disrespect is how some black people operate. A mob of blacks attacked a busboy in a Japanese steakhouse in Atlanta because, get this, he smiled. It’s his own fault for being friendly.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports a huge fight broke on Mother’s Day at the Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. It was a packed house on Sunday and busboy Demonte Harrison was clearing a table as fast as he could so more customers could be seated. As he wiped down the table he smiled a female customer.

Now that might not sound like a horrible crime, right? He simply smiled as he did his job. But you see, things are different in the black community. You don’t just go around smiling at people and making eye contact. That’s pretty much like flipping the middle finger. In any case, this female did not appreciate getting smiled at and, according to the police report, berated Harrison for daring to be friendly.

Harrison should have let it go at that, but instead he told the woman that it was his job to smile and that she couldn’t tell him not to do it. Big mistake. A man that was with the woman got up and sucker-punched Harrison. Before he knew what was going on three other men jumped in and started beating Harrison.

The staff of the steakhouse may be of different races, black and Asian, but they are all part of the Kiku team. Seeing their coworker getting hammered by 4 men, the staff jumped in to defend him. All hell broke loose as the staff was fighting off the attackers with trays and plates. The rest of the patrons fled in terror as fists and fried rice went flying.

Eventually the 4 men and the woman ran off because they were no match for the united Kiku staff. Not doing anything to put stereotypes to rest, they skipped out paying for their meal and didn’t leave a tip. Police are actively seeking these violent freeloaders.

No one was seriously hurt but restaurant owner Charlie Son estimates he lost $5,000 as a result of the brawl. It wasn’t just the attackers that skipped out on their check, so did everyone else when they took off after the fight started.

If you cuss someone out for smiling, you are a horrible person. If you sucker-punch someone for smiling and then tear up a restaurant, you a dangerous person who doesn’t belong in society. People wonder why there is so much violence in the black community. It’s not drugs, poverty, or racism. It’s because there are too many people like this with f*cked up morals and zero respect for human life.

Blacks complain that there aren’t many stores and restaurants in the black community. Maybe this incident is a clue as to why. You know what has never happened at a Japanese steakhouse in a middleclass suburb ever? A mob of soccer moms and guys in dad jeans have never attacked a busboy for smiling.

Via DT

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