Massive Brawls Break Out Across Nation at Shopping Malls, And They All Have One Thing In Common… (VIDEO)

While most of America was celebrating the birth of the Savior and gathering with family and friends to have a merry Christmas, the usual suspects decided to get their violence on across the nation in shopping malls. I’ll give you three guesses what they all have in common, but you’ll only need one. Almost all the altercations involved teens and gangs. Six malls figured prominently in the day’s festivities.

In Aurora, Colorado, it started with a social media post that advertised a fight if you can believe it, at the Town Center. Approximately 100 people showed up at the food court there and the brawls began. The mall closed early because of the violence. When off-duty police officers working as security guards tried to break up a fight, people circled the officers, who called for backup. A very tense, dangerous situation ensued. As more police officers arrived, more fights broke out in the mall. One at a movie theater and one at a park-and-ride lot. The crowd grew to 500 and the police arrested at least five people… all teens. One person was seriously hurt and sent to a hospital.

In Connecticut, a number of brawls broke out at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills in Manchester. Several hundred teenagers got their violence going and started beating the crap out of each other. The mall was then evacuated and closed for the evening. Eight or ten people started a fight at the food court and it escalated from there. One police officer was injured while breaking it up.

At Westfarms Mall, a verbal fight involving a number of teens broke out. It was in the lower level center court, but was broken up by security before it escalated into a physical fight. It surely would have escalated if police had not interceded.

From Fox 13 Salt Lake City:

Disturbances that included gunfire, massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas.

The disturbances, some of which were captured on social media, prevented some shoppers from clearing off clearance racks and returning Christmas gifts as they intended.

The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred nationwide from Colorado to Tennessee, Texas to New Jersey.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, a panic ensued when teenagers started fighting in the food court there (what is it with food courts?). Gunfire was reported, but police say there were no shots fired. “Once people start running in that area or chairs are getting knocked over, tables, that sort of thing, that echoes and it could resemble the sound of a gunshot to a lot of people,” an officer said.

The first calls from the The Mills at Jersey Gardens came in just after nightfall Monday in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Witnesses said they thought they had heard shots fired. Couple that with a fight and it led to what Elizabeth police Officer Greg Jones described as a “chaotic panic and everybody running all at once.” Again, patrons mistook the sound of a chair being slammed during a fight as gunfire and stampeded. Two people, an 8 year-old and a 12 year-old, were injured.

In Beachwood, Ohio, the Beachwood Mall was placed on lockdown when another disturbance erupted at a food court.

In Fort Worth, Texas, the Hulen Mall went into lockdown… security guards were forced to take the action when at least 100 people started brawling all over the place. The police initially responded to gunfire inside the mall. Then they went about breaking up fight after fight. There were no reported injuries or property damage. “You keep hearing the horror stories of the mall shootings across the nations right now,” the police told KTVT. “Anytime we’re hearing about a mall shooting and it’s the day after Christmas, (where) you have tons of people holiday shopping … we’re going to get in there as fast as we can.”

In Memphis, Tennessee, seven people were arrested after incidents at two malls. A group instigated a disturbance in the Wolfchase Galleria food court. People started running and then someone called 911. Ten miles west of there, a crowd gathered outside the Oak Court Mall and started fighting as well. Both malls were cleared and closed early for the night. Shots were reported at both locations, but once again, police found no evidence of gunfire. No injuries were reported.

This is what Christmas has become for these black teenage gangbangers in Obama’s America. Frankly, I think they should have all been thrown in jail for the night with a hearty, Merry Christmas, y’all!

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