Massive Muslim Link To Baton Rouge Cop Ambush Discovered

The Baton Rouge cop killer has some history that was unearthed by the media and the result is aren’t at all shocking. The killer was a member of the anti-white, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam. He profusely used racial slurs and referred to white people as “crackers.”

The Daily Caller reported he posted videos online in which he alleged that had he been with Alton Sterling when he died he would have killed the police officers. He further called the Dallas terror attack against several officers that left them dead on July 7th “justice.”

He said,

“If I would have been there with Alton – clap.”

He also referenced a black liberation theology book he wrote,

“I wrote it for my dark skinned brothers. If you look at all the rebels like the Black Panthers, Juey P. Newton, Malcom X., Elijah Muhammad, they was light skinned. But we know how hard ya’ll got it.”

In the video he further says,

“I just got here. I’m not really into the protesting. I do education because that’s our real freedom.”

Moreover, he said that protesting was more emotional and for women. He video was taken in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which is the same place Alton Sterling was killed by police officers. He references being angry having to work for white people. Furthermore, he talks about the indignities of having to purchase products from non-black store owners.

“Whose she going to fuck with? The cracker? The Arab? The Chinese? These Arabs, these Indians, they don’t give a fu** about us,” he said.

It not at all shocking that this murderer had a racist past of discrimination and hatred towards white people. It would perfectly explain why he attacked those police officers. Unfortunately, the Black Lives Matter movement has encouraged this type of crime and disorder.

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