Massive Reform Could Kick 1 Million Welfare Recipients To The Curb


House Republicans are moving to put an end to welfare abuse with two primary goals in mind, one being to reduce the number of gluttons on benefits, the second is to send a clear message to lazy system-sappers that hard-working Americans aren’t going to supplement their income any longer with all the welfare handouts.

According to NewsMax, the number of food stamp recipients have doubled in the last decade to a staggering rate of 46.5 million dependents, a fact that concerns Representative Mike Conaway of Texas, who chairs the House Agriculture Committee and sees it as a work ethic issue that has taken root in America.

“A family that depends on their own work is more secure,” Conaway told The Wall Street Journal. “There’s a dignity in taking care of yourself.”

As it currently stands, a family of four is eligible to receive an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT/food stamps), if the gross household income is less than $2,584 per month. But for childless, able-bodied adults on benefits, they may soon have to work for their food if more than 20 states get their way to reinstate the time limits that were waived when the country went into a recession. These healthy adults would only be allowed to stay on welfare for just three months every three years, if they remain unemployed and/or are not enrolled in a minimum of 20 hours per week of job training.

Massive Reform Could Kick 1 Million Welfare Recipients To The Curb

If passed in all states considering it, this could mean benefits for 1 million people could be cut, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank that specializes in low-income policies.

“It was and still is a well-functioning program,” said Ed Bolen, a food-stamp expert and participant in the think tank. “But we need to figure out what works and for whom.”

AdvertisementBut simply limiting the duration someone can ride the gravy train isn’t enough for some people who want to see more done about who is eligible in the first place. “The program was structured when malnutrition was a real problem,” Douglas Besharov, professor at the University of Maryland, told The Journal. “It has now become a form of income support.”

Democrats balk at the idea, claiming that kicking people off benefits who “need” it doesn’t help the country’s budget. Apparently the left has confused the terms “need” and “want,” the latter word is better used to describe welfare abusers who don’t work because they don’t have to.

“We cannot balance the budget on the backs of poor people,” said Jim Govern, Massachusetts Democratic Representative and member of the House of Agricultural Committee.

Doing nothing about this major drain on the budget certainly does not help it and the same mentality is what keeps so many people on the program in the first place. Reforming the food stamp program is not about taking it away from needy people who use it as it was intended, it’s about eliminating the number of leaches who make it so the hard-working American can’t have nice things.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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