MASSIVE: WikiLeaks Reveals Obama May Be Behind Voter Fraud…

The Wikileaks email dumps have been educating us all a lot on what really goes on behind closed doors in the wonderful world of politics. One would think that learning of criminally unethical behavior would be the downfall of a political campaign. But not in the case of Hillary Clinton.

Some emails have shown that voting fraud is a very real problem and that Presideng Obama may have even known about it. One email involving John Podesta specifically discussed two Coloradans meeting together and making it clear they needed help to ensure only legal and living people were given the right to vote in the 2015 caucuses.


Now these two people involved are very close with the Clinton campaign. They feared their might have been improper going one surrounding the caucus votes. Funny, it is usually the Clinton’s who are caught cheating not the other way around.

Read some here,


The email shows them discussing the possibility of massive voter fraud in Colorado that they wanted to combat. Which would indicate they are at least marginally aware of the possibility that the Obama’s facilitated if not likley endorsed fraudulent voting in the 2008 election. If this is true they have a lot to answer for. However, since they are Democrat’s they are never going to be held accountable for their actions and behaviors. They get a free pass.

Just look at the Clinton’s and Donald Trump. Bill Clinton rapes and sexually assaults several women and everyone just lets it go and slut shames the victims. Which is the antithesis of their phony tolerant agenda. Yet, Donald Trump has a video released of him saying some vulgar comments about women in 2005 and everyone goes crazy. Two perfect examples of the hypocritical double standard that exists.

Remember that when you go to the polls in November.

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