Maxine Waters Has Passed Just 3 Bills In Last 27 Years – But Look How Many Times She’s Been Named “Most Corrupt”

Chances are you’re fairly familiar with your representatives to Congress as well as a few big important names. Ted Cruz, because he ran for President, Paul Ryan because he’s the Speaker of the House, maybe a few loud and proud Democratic leaders that you can’t avoid seeing on TV like Chuck Schumer are also on your radar. But you’d just about have to be a genius to remember every representative from every district in the country. That’s why, unless they’ve done something big or been elected to some sort of special position, you probably don’t know their names.

The exception, of course, is the geriatric, Black Lives Matter supporter and “impeach 45” champion known as Maxine Waters. So what has Watters done to make her so noteworthy? I’m glad you asked because I’ve got the answer for you. The short answer is that she’s the liberal American Dream. She started out in humble enough beginnings and has risen to being arguably the most racist, anti-Trump trouble making representative in Washington (and trust me, the woman has competition).

Starting where she did, it’s impressive enough that she’s spent the better part of the last three decades in the House of Representatives. It’s even more impressive that she’s come to national notoriety strictly by running her big negative mouth against the President of the United States. Here’s a little re-cap of some of her top accomplishments.

Via US Herald:

“Maxine Waters, U.S. Congresswoman from a district in Los Angeles far away from the leafy, affluent, 70 percent white neighborhood surrounding a private golf club, has been in Congress for nearly three decades, assembling more outrageous quotes than bills passed, but her near obsessive hatred of President Trump has made her a hero to the Left.

While the 78-year-old Waters’ early history could serve as inspirational as one of 13 children raised by a single mother in Missouri who eventually graduated from college and worked as a teacher’s aide, her move into politics, beginning in 1977, started her on a path to personal riches that had less to do with public service than public rabble rousing in the service of stirring racial division.

From calling the violence surrounding the Rodney King riots in 1992 as ‘understandable’ and justifying the looting of Korean family stores as ‘mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes … They are not crooks,’

She visited Castro’s Cuba urging him to refuse extradition of cop-killer Assata Shakur back to the U.S.

In short – Waters can be counted for the far left view – whether it makes sense or not.

She famously protested the election of Donald Trump by skipping attendance at the inauguration, vowing to devote her current term in office to his impeachment, only to maintain vehemently that she had ‘not called for his impeachment.’

Besides building a paltry record of passing legislation during her 18 terms in the capital, Waters has other achievements – winning the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress.

CREW cited her use of her position on the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives to pressure U.S. Treasury Department officials to work with a bank her husband held stock in – a clear conflict of interests that stood to net the couple millions.

Waters has led three bills through Congress to enactment as law: one bill to provide relief to Haiti, a modification of an existing bill on flood insurance and… the renaming of a U.S. post office.

In fact, the watchdog group, CREW, has ‘honored’ her with the award on four occasions in 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

A truly great example for the current Democrat party to hold up as inspiration.”

Yeah, not exactly what you want to put in the family Christmas card. Although, with her reputation, she may be proud of winning this award. I’m sure she’s got a reason as to why the Russians had something to do with it, or it’s because Black people are better and more patriotic and jealousy is what’s giving her the bad press. This is a woman who’s spent almost 30 years not only drawing a government funded check, but being paid to support other candidates, and throwing her weight behind whatever her husband’s current business ventures are.

How she is still in office is beyond me, but I guess that the liberal conscience for you. I’m sure she’s ready to pass out our tax dollars to her constituents as well. If this is how the Democratic party wants to be represented, it’s their funeral, but don’t be surprised if these political animals draw back and leave her on the front lines alone to take the heat. It will not only eliminate her as a problem, considering her inability to hide her antics as they prefer but probably give them a little better name if they can prove that there is something that’s too crazy, even for them.

(Source: US Herald)

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