Sharia-Loving Maxine Waters’s SICK Secret Is Out After What She Was Caught Doing With Muslims

There are some people in this world that get really under my skin. The majority of those people of those people are liberals and Maxine Waters is right up there. This woman has absolutely no respect for the Constitution or the American people. That really should not even be up for debate either considering what she pulled earlier this week.

In case you missed it, Waters said on the House floor that she would do everything she could to bring Trump down. That sounds like treason to me, but in the liberal world, that is called patriotism. I am sure your head is spinning with all the hypocrisy right now but wait, it gets worse.

A video has been discovered that shows Maxine Waters actually praising Sharia Law at an Islamic Society meeting in 2012. Waters is also caught on tape speaking out against Americans who oppose Sharia Law.

Watch the video here.

Maxine Waters is a traitor to the United States and needs to be exposed. How dare this woman lecture the America people about patriotism when she wants to destroy the country? However, what can you expect from anyone who is a democrat?

The goal of liberalism is to destroy America from the inside out.

In order for them to take America down, they need to water down its roots and culture. Sadly, they have been successful by using multiculturalism and tolerance as its guise. Now, if anyone even questions Islam or says that it is dangerous religion, they are immediately called a racist.

We are already at war with these disgusting people. Now, more than ever we have to push back against their liberal agenda. Maxine Waters and everyone like her needs to be voted out in 2018.

The future of America depends on it.

What do you think about this video? Will it be enough to wake people up? Let us know in the comments below!

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