Mayor Carjacked From Same City Trayvon Martin Was Killed In

Living in the public eye can be a difficult thing. Especially for lawmakers and politicians. Mayor Jeff Triplett found this out is last Saturday. The Mayor hails from the same city Trayvon Martin was killed in by George Zimmerman in Florida.

Law enforcement officials from Sanford arrested two suspects in the car jacking and armed robbery of Mayor Jeff Triplett. Both suspects were identified as 17-year old Damarcus Paige and 18-year old Jermine Horne by Triplett who gave a detailed description to the police.

Reports indicate the Mayor was in the process of visiting a friend who resides on Chapman Avenue. He was car jacked and robbed at 2:14 A.M. on Saturday when three suspects, including Paige and Horne came up to the Mayor outside his friends home. They reportedly held a gun on him, stole his wallet and keys, and then drove off.

The third suspect hasn’t been found yet and it is unknown whether the suspects in custody have retained attorneys yet.

Sanford is 20 miles north of Orlando, Florida. He lauded police for their diligent work.

Mayor Triplett commented on the incident,

“Being a victim of a crime is unnerving, yet it was reassuring to witness both speed and diligence from the Sanford Police Department. It is disheartening when this type of crime takes place in the City of Sanford.”

The robbers left a stolen gun in the car and crashed the car into a ditch after stealing it. Horne has priors. He was facing grand theft and burglary charges from an May arrest. Records from Seminole County now show he is facing carjacking, aggravated assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor charges. Paige was arrested for suspicion on robbery charges.

Nothing has been reported on the motivations behind the car jacking but it very likely could have been in retaliation for gun violence against African American males in the city like Martin.

But they now are sitting exactly where they belong. In jail.

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