Mayor’s Interview Interrupted By Man Angry Over Hypocrisy And Black-On-Black Crime

The Mayor of Rochester was giving a press conference outside to reporters when an African American man barged in to interrupt. But you will be surprised the reason why he did so. He called out Mayor Lovely Warren for her not acknowledging and bringing attention to black on black crime in the area and instead focusing on white on black crime.

The man was unnamed but have quite an impassioned and animated little monologue. When he was finished he walked away just as quickly as he walked up. During his monologue he claimed that had it been a white officer who had committed the crime of killing a black man then everyone would be up in arms. Furthermore, that the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement activists would be out in the street protesting.

Since there was nothing to sensationalize no one cares. He has a mighty good point. Watch here for yourself,

He he can be heard saying,

If this was a white police officer gunning down three blacks and injured four, Wilson High School would be set on fire… and every black leader, every community leader would be up here. Black lives matter, hands up; blacks are murdering blacks every 32 hours since June. I have been in this town all my life. I’m 56 years old… I am afraid of being shot and gunned down by a black.

Again, if this were a white police officer shooting three blacks, people would be out here, the school would be on fire, people be coming forward and saying I saw this white police officer but because it’s black on black crime… it is socially acceptable for blacks to not talk to the police.”

It is one thing when you hear the truth from someone you do not like. Such as conservatives. It is another thing when you hear the truth from one of your own. What liberals hate is when African Americans speak out against other African Americans or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Because when conservatives speak out against it or white people do then it comes off as racist and far right. But when it comes from the mouth of someone they expect to tow their line then they do not like it because it puts a dent in their argument.

This man’s voice clearly shows their is more dissent and disagreement within the African American community about the state of race relations than liberals would like us to believe.

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