Anti-American Mayor Steals Taxpayer Money, Gives It To Muslim Refugees… Gets INSTANT Karma

Rutland, Vermont Mayor Christopher Louras misappropriated taxpayer dollars and used them to create a plan to bring Muslim refugees to the city. A mini-coup would not be surprising once citizens find out that their money is being spent on other people than those who pay their taxes.

The Mayor reportedly agreed to bring in approximately one hundred Muslim refugees from the Middle Eastern countries of Syria and Iraq which have been ravaged by war. But he did not consult his citizens and constituents at all. As a result, some enraged citizens held a public town hall meeting about the issue.

The Mayor had been re-elected on five different occasions. But because of his actions, he was ousted! The resistance was able to elect an anti-resettlement candidate who doesn’t share the same philosophy about bringing in excessive amounts of refugees on the taxpayer’s dime. Loura’s even had the guts to a admit he lost because of his resettlement policy.

It was by no small margin either. He lost 52 percent to 34 percent which was a complete shutout for his opponent. This is what happens when politicians and public servants don’t listen to the people. The will of the people leads them to lose their office seat. That is exactly what happened and he deserved it. Hopefully he never gets back into any kind of office again.

Watch below as reporters for Fox News debate the controversy.

We no longer have a middle class because people are struggling so much. And instead of putting money into programs that will create jobs this Mayor spent taxpayer dollars on something that won’t even help his town in the least. No wonder he was not re-elected. Americans need politicians who serve their interests as Americans and not the interests of the world.

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