Mayor Who Endorsed Hillary Just Got ARRESTED Trading Sex For…

Wow. It’s apparent that Hillary Clinton backers are just as crooked and in this case seriously creepy as they can get. Right? Fairfax, Va Mayor, Scott Silverthorne, who VERY PROUDLY endorsed Hillary just got BUSTED selling meth for sex.

I’m sorry but who in the hell vets these people for office!?

Wait..I know that answer.

The loony leftist liberal population of course, because to them… ANYTHING GOES!

Did you know that this nasty goon is also a teacher!? God save us all…

That’s what we have going on in today’s Obama’s America though. Government is drowning with these kind of idiots at the helm, because Media is allowing it.

We are not given the truth anymore. In order to know anything about anyone that is important to know, you have to do some SERIOUS digging. We just aren’t given enough information or even the correct information from media alone in order to vote the right people in.

I hate the media…they are all a bunch of crooks themselves.

What we DO know though, is that Silverthorne has been arrested after ‘allegedly’ giving methamphetamine to the worst person POSSIBLE!

An undercover police officer…that he wanted SEX from.


This sorry excuse of a mayor has been such for the town of Fairfax since 2012, and was announced as being with “Mayors for Hillary” back in Feb of this year.

Now, what you’ve learned so far…is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the Fairfax County police, they caught up with Silverthornes nasty habit after learning of an ‘individual’ who was distributing meth through a website.

Get this…

It was not any old website…it was one that arranged male-on-male sexual encounters.

Yes..these are Hillary’s people. Just a reminder…

After this lead had come in, an undercover detective created a profile on the site and was contacted by Silverthorne. That’s when Silverthorne reached out and tried to touch someone by offering meth in exchange for sex.

The arrangements were made and they met at a hotel…

That’s where Silverthorne was arrested…. THE MAYOR OF THE VERY TOWN HE TOOK LEADERSHIP IN.

You should also know that when I mentioned earlier that he was a teacher. It was a substitute teacher in a public school…where he had plenty of contact with youth.

Scary thought.

But not surprising. Why?



And well…birds of a feather, flock together. None of them have use for ethics or the law or decent human behavior soooo…what difference does it even make anymore.

The monsters are among us, and one of them is running for President.

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