RINO McCain Just MAJORLY Disrespected Congress Just To Attack Trump!

John McCain won’t sleep until he gets some answers about the alleged Russian hacking that allegedly interfered with the 2016 election for the President of the United States.

For starters, nothing interfered. Even if Wikileaks didn’t have any of that damning information about Hillary Clinton, it didn’t matter. People don’t like her anyway. People already knew the character she was. People already didn’t have a great amount of trust in the woman who let her husband bang interns all over the White House (also allegedly).

McCain knows Congress is letting bygones be bygones and that they don’t have much, if any, intention on pursuing the Russian hack allegations. Hillary had a recount and still lost. People were tired of democratic nonsense and wanted a change. They’re getting one. They voted for it.

Not McCain. He wants to explore other ways to continue an investigation deeper into Russian hack territory.

Is this to smear Trump or is there something to gain from it? I’m really curious about that because McCain is a republican and his team won.

What does he care? What does he gain?

If he doesn’t like what Donald Trump does as President, then McCain can reach out and work with Trump. I’m very certain that Donald Trump would LOVE to have as much help as possible. Trump isn’t a politician, so if there’s any who want to work with him, then go for it.

But don’t be that guy who’s an interference to the government. Just be helpful to your new President and make the transition as great as it can be.

Make America Great Again or get out of the way.

On a side note, John McCain reminds me of Ephors from the movie 300. Kinda creepy looking, and investigating Russian hacks behind America’s back is something shady those old perverts on the mountain would’ve done as well.


Washington Times reports – Congress likely won’t assemble a new bipartisan panel of lawmakers to examine how Russia’s alleged election meddling influenced the results of last month’s U.S. presidential election, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said Tuesday.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, nonetheless said he’ll continue to urge congressional leadership to convene a select committee devoted to claims concerning Russia’s purported election meddling, even in the face of opposition from his Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

Mr. McCain, a hardline critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was among a group of four senators who asked Mr. McConnell last month to create a new, select committee tasked with undertaking a “comprehensive investigation of Russian interference” and developing “comprehensive recommendations and, as necessary, new legislation to modernize our nation’s laws, governmental organization, and related practices to meet this challenge.”

Absent the Senate leader’s support, however, Mr. McCaintold CNN on Tuesday that the panel likely won’t be convened.

“Without the support of the leadership, then I would imagine it won’t [happen],” Mr. McCain told CNN. “But we’ll move ahead in the Armed Services Committee, and I’m sure other committees will.”

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