McDonald’s worker caught on camera cruelly teasing homeless man with food before throwing a drink in his face (VIDEO)


Another example of when #BlackLivesMatter Don’t Matter.

via DailyMail: A McDonald’s worker was caught on camera teasing a homeless man with a hamburger before throwing a cup of cold water over him.

The cruel prank happened at one of the fast food brand’s restaurants in Detroit, Michigan, and was filmed by a fellow customer. The distressing video has attracted over 103,318 views since it was uploaded to LiveLeak on November 6.

At the start of the 50-second film, the staff member is seen baiting the down-and-out man from a drive-thru counter window. He shouts: ‘Hey Willy, come here, do you want a sandwich. Come on man, I’m going to give you a sandwich man, come on man.’

The McDonald’s server holds out a burger box to tempt the vagrant to walk nearer – before hurling a cup of water at him.

The shock on the begger’s face – known only as ‘Willy’ – is evident.

After the clip went viral, online users have called for the worker to be fired.

Outraged Christoper Charlton took to Twitter and wrote: ‘Hey @mcdonalds please find this employee and fire him Foul: McDonald’s Worker Throw Drink In Homeless Man’s Face!’

While an angry Daniel Mooney added: ‘@McDonalds This employee must be repremanded for their actions he’s discussing human and your company is accountable [sic]’.

The disturbing clip has also attracted 918 comments on LiveLeak.

One infuriated user called EvilAsh, wrote: ‘Baits him over with food only to humiliate a man who already has nothing. If they don’t fire this morally bankrupt punk there’s something wrong.’

Another Minxypoo said: ‘How much of an a******* must you be to throw water in the face of someone who is old, hungry, cold and homeless.’

The film is accompanied by the caption: ‘Videographer states that he did this as payback because the panhandler had earlier argued with a McDonald’s customer.’

MailOnline has contacted McDonald’s for comment.


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