McDonald’s Worker Won’t Serve Cops… Gets Instant Surprise Lesson In Respect

Here’s a story about a whiny, entitled, idiot. It’s a person who works in a fast food store, probably reads on an 8th grade level, and is a world class jerk.

This is a person who refused to do his job, refused to serve a police officer and their family, and was fired.

So not only did they lose their job and will possibly become a welfare queen until they find another one (if they ever look for another job), the place of business also looks bad.

Thankfully there was another employee who stepped right up and made things right.

Police don’t pick and choose who they protect and serve. No one else should either.

Conservative Tribune – The officer was off-duty and visited McDonald’s with his family. However, the worker recognized the officer and refused to serve him. Immediately, another employee stepped in and gladly offered to serve the officer and his family.

The police department responded with a very nice message to the public. They posted this on their Facebook page. They are obviously interested in maintaining public relations and keeping everything in good spirits. It’s sad when someone acts bad towards the police. You know if someone robbed that McDonald’s that the bad person behind the register would be the first person calling the police for help!

It’s awesome to see police reach out on social media to send a positive message to the community. That’s what we all need right now.

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