Meathead Goes On Killing Spree In Florida Gym, Media Silent On It After SICK Thing That Was Found Inside

All hell broke loose at a South Florida gym when an ex-employee stormed back in and fired shots before offing himself in suicidal fashion. The shooter, 33-year-old Abeku Wilson, was fired from the gym due to workplace violence and was escorted off the premises. That triggered him into doing something horrible. That’s why he later returned to the gym with a handgun and blasted a few shots towards the general manager and another employee who has recently passed away from the injuries.

I believe that’s when the shooter then shot himself. Three people lost their life because he was fired from his job at a gym. You would think that was the last gym in the world for someone to react like that and commit a terrible crime over a gym job.

Seems as though the media is a bit silent on the reason Abeku Wilson was released from his job. Giving that information could lead people to a better understanding of what happened that day and why they kept him on the job for so long. Or did the gym fire him when they felt he was given chances to fix whatever problems there were?

Did mainstream media inform people that the shooter had JUST been fired that morning, or did they make it seem like a meathead went on a roid rage for no reason?

Marc Sarnoff, who previously trained with Wilson for two years, saw him at the gym before Saturday’s shooting and noticed something was wrong.

Wilson typically was “very buttoned up, very proper, very appropriate,” Sarnoff said in a phone interview. But on Saturday, Wilson physically bumped into Sarnoff and his current trainer. The usually adept Wilson seemed noticeably off-kilter.

“He wasn’t clean-shaven … and he seemed to be slurring his words,” said Sarnoff. “He said, `I’m sorry, I’m just off balance this morning’.”

Was this a man’s way of saying sorry for his pending crimes that were about to take place? Have you ever been fired by a job and felt that shooting people was the proper way to solve the problem?

No job is ever worth losing the rest of your life for. No matter how much you love the job, you can’t respond with anger. You must solve the problem in a way that will actually benefit you. Learn from what happened and fight to keep your job, but don’t commit a crime that will ruin your family and the lives of others.

Now his family is affected by this selfish shooting that stemmed from losing a job at a gym.

Just get another job at another gym.

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