Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer HUMILIATES the Race Rioters [VIDEO]


Sgt. Dakota Meyer became the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, as well as the first Marine to receive the honor in 38 years.

Meyer was using that clout to advance another cause. The Marine was lobbying to win respect and safety for some other heroes — America’s first responders.

America was horrified at the execution-style shootings of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in New York City last weekend.

In the wake of the shootings, New York experienced sickening demonstrations in which protesters chanted “Pigs in a blanket, smell like bacon!”

That reaction and others told  Meyer that first responders weren’t getting the respect they deserve from the people they serve, so he stood up to make that happen. In an interview on Fox News, Meyer explained why.

“There’s nobody in this country that has more skin in the game on behalf of the nation than our veterans and ourfirst responders,” Meyer said.

“And to see what’s happened over the last month … and now you’ve got two New York police officers dead — I mean, we’ve got to stop it somewhere. We’ve got to put our foot down.”

Meyer also lambasted those ascribing racist motives to first responders.

“None of us wake up and say, you know what, today I’m going to serve on behalf of white people, or black people, or Christians, or Muslims,” he said.

“Not one day do we do that. We stand up and we say that we’re going to serve on behalf of America.”

Meyer started his campaign issuing a tweet reading, “I don’t ask a lot but I need your help to make this trending. Please share #Isupportfirstresponders.”

Watch his interview here (H/T Breitbart):

“I think we’re a direct reflection of leadership,” Meyer said told Fox.

“The only people who are standing up to speak out on behalf of the matters now are the Al Sharptons … We got to get leaders inside of this country who want to work on behalf of the nation, on behalf of Americans.”

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