Media Caught Lying About The Crowd Size Of Hillary Clinton Rally?


This little gem is an extremely amazing example of how the mainstream media can twist a story and show you something that is entirely untrue.

Hillary Clinton had a rally in Nebraska and a Washington Post political reporter posted on Twitter that there was a huge crowd. Her picture made it seem like hundreds of thousands of people arrived for this massive rally to see their Queen Hillary take the stage and spout off about some nonsense like email servers, Obama’s new shoes, or maybe what direction Trump’s hair will flow in a tornado.

Anyone looking at the photo would think “wow, people in Nebraska like Hillary Clinton. Looks like Trump has a challenge in that state” because THAT’s exactly what the Washington Post wanted you to think.

Here’s the photo. Looks packed, right?

fake hillary crowd

Now here’s the real turnout from a person who was also there and took a picture from the same direction, just a little further back.

real hillary crowd

The first picture shows a very exaggerated picture, from a specific angle, that makes it look more crowded then it really is.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton didn’t fill the room and it looks like maybe 50 people showed up to support her.

Conservative Outfitters – voters have called out Washington Post national political reporter Abby D. Phillip for biased reporting. Internet users claim the journalist is blatantly shilling for Hillary Clinton. Phillip posted a photo to twitter saying: Big, boisterous crowd here in Omaha for Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett.” The image appears to have been taken from a deceptive angle or heavily cropped to make the photo look like it was taken in a packed room.

The picture of Hillary Clinton’s rally is in direct violation of the MySpace angle. It’s very deceitful and makes you look like a liar.


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