BREAKING: The Media Just Covered Clinton Pedophile Ring, TOP Politicians Involved

The people at the very top of the political world are far more depraved than we would like to admit we know or believe. In fact most of the political elite do nefarious things such as cheat on their wives, become child molesters, or engage in corruption, not at all surprising though. Here are some stories of political elites getting away with some of the most heinous crimes that will turn your stomach.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Gunderson is allegedly connected to an elite ring of high profile politicians who kidnap and drug young children. The case is called, “The Finders” and police call it Operation Brownstone.

Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman Huma Abedin, was caught with over ten thousands emails on his laptop in his sexting scandal. He was even caught and publicly denounced for taking naked pictures and sending them to other women while his young son was on the bed with him.

The Australian Version of 60 Minutes did a whole segment on the pedophile ring. You can watch it here,

Another strange practice of the wealthy elite is reportedly mock sacrificing a baby at Bohemian Grove. One testimony indicated that a child was actually murdered their during some secret ritual. Although this case sounds more like conspiracy theories than anything else.


Patrick Bean is a big money Democratic donor and progressively liberal political activists who has contacts inside the Obama administration. He was arrested in Portland, Oregon and charged with two felony counts of pedophilia. Sex with a minor. The victim is a 15 year old young girl.

They say you are the company you keep. If it walks like a child molester and talks like a child molester it probably is one. And considering Epstein and Clinton are at the top of this list and all the allegations women have hurled at Clinton and won in court what goes around clearly comes around.

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