MEDIA COVER-UP: Canadian Children Are Being Brutally Abused by Muslim Refugees

Refugees have a track record of being mostly terrible. Ever wonder what their asylum-receiving kids are like? Apparently it’s not much better… The grenade didn’t fall far from the suicide vest.

We have a video below, but here’s the setup: According to The Rebel, refugee students are laying the all mighty smackdown on regular kids. And no, this isn’t happening in Europe. For once (see Europe Welcomes ‘Innocent’ Refugees… Who Turn Out to be ISIS Jihadists). This is taking place in Canada. You know, the socialist utopia of the north.

Last week an article by the Chronicle Herald detailed multiple instances of Syrian refugees assaulting Canadian children. The article featured comments by a woman… who explained how her daughter had been choked with a chain and her son had been visibly threatened on a soccer field.

The story was pulled soon after it was posted with members of the left-wing media decrying the story as “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “xenophobic” or simply just not true. In place of the story, an apologetic message was left in its place saying the story needed more research and was “insensitive” to refugees.

Sounds about right. Refugees, violence, and cover up are basically synonymous with one another (Seen Enough Yet? Now RUSSIA Accuses German Police of Muslim Rape Cover-Up…). Seems as if the Chronicle Herald didn’t realize it was headed into the left’s infamous cannibalistic territory. The first rule of tolerant club is you don’t talk about Muslim violence. Apparently refugee’s feelings > children’s safety. Priorities.

The Rebel did some digging of its own, however. What they found? Migrant students are practicing their infidel-slapping on Canadian kids.

Just listening to those parents confirms their worry for the children’s safety. We’re talking legitimate fear. Not “someone might get his pronouns wrong” fear. More along the lines of “Mohammad Jr. might choke out my child.”

So why, pray tell, is this allowed to happen in school? Well… there doesn’t really seem to be an answer on that one. Not from the school itself anyways. As is highlighted in the video, these parents have approached the school about said issues multiple times. Only to have diddly squat done about it.

The real answer brings us back to the Chronicle Herald. Why did they pull their story? Because it’s offensive “xenophobic” and “racist” towards refugees. Hell, they even threw “Islamophobic” in there (read Dear PC Leftists: Actually, ‘Islamophobia’ is an Entirely Logical ‘Phobia’…). So which is it? Are we being prejudiced toward their skin color or their religion?

HookConfused GIF

The point is, events like this go ignored – silenced even – because they’re deemed as “bigoted.” The truth is too offensive for the left. Which is hardly news. Leftists didn’t step up when women were getting raped (read Dear ‘Feminists’: You’ll Never Be Relevant Until You Address Islam’s Real Rape Culture). Now their heads hang low while children get assaulted. If that hasn’t stirred a reaction in them, what will?

“Bleeding hearts?” No. The left has no feelings for real victims when Islam is on the line. They’re more like “stone cold sociopaths.” The irony thickens.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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