ITS FINAL NOW: The Media Won’t Report This New Electoral College Map

Over the last few weeks once the final results of the election were called their have been calls by others such as Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein to forge forward for a recount.

It is always the losers of the election that call for a recount.

They are delusional if they think it will actually change anything.

But there is one electoral map that democrats and third partiers alike will not appreciate.


This is the real electoral map that shows the verified and final results of the election. It has President Elect Donald Trump with 306 electoral votes while Hillary Clinton had 232. It certainly is not a close call like so many times before. It is a 74 count difference. That is no small margin.

Hillary Clinton and the democrats would like you to believe that the election was somehow stolen from Clinton. They use a myriad of excuses whether it be the FBI investigation, Benghazi or whatever other excuse they have. But the truth is she just was not good enough and they do not want to admit it.

President Elect Donald Trump spoke to the American people but more importantly he even spoke to the people in power who cast their electoral votes. He won fair and square in a dirty, nasty, brawl of a fight.

Their is no other way around it. No amount of recounts or anything else will change the fact that Presidents Elect Trump is well, President Elect Trump. With the inauguration just a few months away a Trump presidency is merely waiting the formality of his swearing in. He has already appointed cabinet members as well as members of his future inner circle.

As a Republican legislator said in one of his new bills, it is time to suck it up buttercup! Sooner rather than later.

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