FLASHBACK Media Ignores President Obama’s Hot Mic: “Gotta Have Them Ribs And P*ssy Too!”

The media is inundated with comments and opinions about Donald Trump’s hot mic incident where he made vulgar and disgusting comments about a soap actress star. People are embarrassed after he said he grabbed women by the pu*** because he was a star and he could. Then he said he would need Tic Tacs in case he just started kissing the woman. But a hot mic video of President Obama shows he is not that different than Donald Trump in this particular instance.

Watch the video here,

While the media is up in arms about what Donald Trump said over ten years ago they are forgetting that their own president isn’t all that different from the man they are criticizing. Meanwhile Clinton and her husband have been accused of rape, murder, and lying. Donald Trump is a scumbag but at least he is slightly more honest than his murdering counterpart.

It seems as though all of this anger and outrage from the media is more contrived and made up for dramatic affect than actual anger and outrage. Because no person in their right mind would actually be offended by what Donald Trump said because the Clintons have done so much more worse. Yet people are outraged? It’s fake, it’s phony. Made for the purposes of bashing Trump and ensuring he does not win the presidency.

Which is why it’s very possible the media has been sitting on this video for a while waiting for the opportune time to release it to have the worst possible impact. What better time for them then right before the next presidential debate. But most people are not deep enough to realize that or think critically about it. Which is why they give democrats and the Clintons in general a free pass. It is not fair at all, it is unjust.

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