MEDIA Silent On HUGE Detail About Killer In Random Shooting Spree Overnight, Can you guess what!?

via Mad World: The media seems strangely quiet about a man who drove around Michigan last night, shooting everyone in his sight and leaving six dead. Perhaps it’s because they are busy crafting a new way to spin it and cover up what the killer himself said on Facebook.

Jason Brian Dalton rolled up to a Kalamazoo area apartment complex and opened fire on random people, before later heading to a KIA car dealership, where a father and son were standing outside and became Dalton’s next two victims. His reign of terror started at about 6 p.m. and continued until about 10 p.m., where his final four victims, including a 14-year-old girl, were shot and killed outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Nine people in total were on the receiving end of this psychopath’s wrath, six of which were fatally wounded before the shooter was arrested, Fox 17 reports.

While a horrific incident like this would typically have mainstream media seething at the opportunity to throw daggers and call for gun control, Dalton just blew their narrative out of the water with what he said on social media. The opportunity to blame this senseless shooting on a “crazy right-wing extremist” is impossible at this point since theshooter is a self-described “Progressive” leftist on his Facebook page, according to the Inquisitr.

Strangely, Dalton was reportedly an Uber driver and gave people rides between killingpeople at Cracker Barrel and a car dealership. His passengers had no clue at the time that a mass murderer was driving them. The shooter was at large for several hours after the random killings, finally being arrested in the early morning hours on Sunday. But before his arrest, the fiancée of a terrified passenger posted a warning online about Dalton’s dangerous erratic driving, before realizing why he was acting this way, considering he was between killings and on the run, while also on the job.

MSM Silent On HUGE Detail About Killer In Random Shooting Spree Overnight

You can count on this “inconvenient” detail not making MSM headlines. It certainly would be there if the killer had been on the other side of the political aisle. His progressive stance proves that it’s not politics or guns that kill people, it’s nut jobs like Dalton.

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