Media Claims Trump Is Killing “Meals On Wheels” For Elderly. Here’s What REALLY Happened

Liberals went collectively bonkers when the President released his budget blueprint that included cutting funding for Meals on Wheels. The mainstream media is trying to act and make people believe the President is trying to cut the entire Meals on Wheels program. Which isn’t true.

Meals on Wheels is barely funded by the government to begin with. Cutting funding won’t lead to any type of program termination. The new budget seeks to eliminate government waste and is thus looking at programs to cut funding a bit.

One TIME Magazine headline read, “Trump’s Budget Would Kill A Program That Feeds 2.4 Million Senior Citizens.” Once again insinuating that the President is trying to somehow starve the elderly. There are numerous programs he is looking to cut, not just Meals on Wheels.

It is the Community Development Block Grant worth $3 billion the President is looking to cut. This is nothing more than a overly wasteful slush fund used to endorse fraudulent activity. Since it’s creation it has cost taxpayers $150 million.

Despite its attempts to help the poorest and most disadvantaged neighborhoods it has, in fact, helped the richest neighborhoods that receive the greatest amounts of funding from the state surrounding Washington D.C. For example, in Riverside County, California.

Nancy Pelosi and others are criticizing the Republican Party for cutting funding from middle class America. But as statistics show it isn’t middle class America benefiting from this program but upper middle class America. That narrative is completely false.

The liberal mainstream media is doing nothing but drumming up fake news because they know the public supports the new budget. They are trying to stay relevant and it’s not going to work. Meals on Wheels is not under attack. Because Meals on Wheels is able to function on its own outside of federal assistance.

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