Media Won’t Show What Black, Hispanic Trump Fans Did When Protestor Spits on Kid (VIDEO)


When a Trump hater decided to throw ice and spit on a kid to try to disrupt a campaign event for billionaire businessman Donald Trump, black and Hispanic Trump supporters, among others, made a citizen’s arrest and detained the dirtbag.

The video of the incident was posted to YouTube Saturday. There’s no location given, although it could have been Trump’s march and rally at Portland State University in Oregon on Saturday. The hipster certainly looks like he’s from Portland.

The video began with the hipster trying to get away from the gathering, having spit on the 12-year-old kid and thrown ice at him. At first, he walked down the street, confident that nothing is going to happen. However, the Trump supporters refused to let him get away like that.

Since there weren’t any police around to monitor the liberal hater crowd that had gathered to oppose the Trump supporters, the group decided to chase the hater down the street. That’s when he started running and darted around the corner.

It didn’t take long for the group of supporters, led by the African-American man in the striped sweater, to catch up with the hater and take him into custody for a citizen’s arrest.

It’s worth pointing out that the man who did the spitting and ice throwing looked to be a privileged white hipster, whereas the Trump supporters were what the political correctness brigade likes to refer to as “persons of color.”


The dirtbag Trump hater was less of a tough guy after his capture

Was there any talk about racially inspired violence over this incident? That this Trump hater was actually enraged by seeing an interracial crowd that disagreed with his political beliefs and decided to spit and throw ice on them?

No, of course not. That would have been objective, since this is what they do every time someone in the Trump camp is accused on sneezing on a protester.

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