(RARE) When Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot in Ottawa, Canada earlier this week, several bystanders quickly went to his aid.

Barbara Winters, a lawyer and former medic in the Naval Reserves, rushed to Cirillo’s side, trying her best to do everything she could to save him. She was joined by Margaret Lerhe, a nurse at a nearby hospital and Martin Magnan, a National Defense employee who also had Navy experience.

According to Winters, Cirillo was awake and conscious while she tried in vain to save him, telling him he was loved the whole time.

“Your family loves you. Your parents are so proud of you. Your military family loves you. All the people here, we’re working so hard for you. Everybody loves you,” she repeatedly told Cirillo.

When recounting the event to Yahoo News, Winters explained that all involved were calm while helping Cirillo and understood the gravity of the situation.

“No one was hysterical. Everyone was so calm. Everyone was entirely focused on the soldier and on helping him.”

When asked why she kept telling Cirillo he was loved, Winters responded with what anyone in pain would ever want to hear.

“When you are dying, you need to be told how loved you are.”
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