Meet The Home Depot Employee Who Hates America, And Brags About It At Work (VIDEO)

So apparently a photograph has been making its way through the bowels of the internet of a Home Depot employee wearing a hat stating, ‘AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!’

I discovered the photo on the ‘Overpasses for America’ Facebook page, and I learned that ‘Krystal’ works for the Forest Avenue store in Staten Island, NY.

Obviously offended that a major corporation like Home Depot (even if it is in New York) would tolerate this, I phoned the store to speak with the manager.

Upon being transferred to him following the excessively long sigh from the customer service desk, I was disappointed that I couldn’t understand a single word he said. He had a very thick middle eastern accent, and sadly, I couldn’t even catch the spelling of his name.
imageThe only phrase he said that I did understand was ‘zero tolerance,’ so I’m assuming he’s well aware of this issue. However, according to some of the comments on the Overpasses for America Facebook page, his initial concern was with getting the photo removed from the internet. Not reprimanding his employee!

That my friends is my sole purpose for publishing this article. The management at this store was likely well aware of ‘Krystal’s’ disgusting hat, and they probably could’ve cared less.
The phone number for the Staten Island Home Depot store that employs ‘Krystal’ is above.UPDATE: According to SILive, ‘Krystal’ is 22 year-old Krystal Lake of St. George, Staten Island. She’s a self-admitted Bernie Sanders supporter and dislikes Donald Trump. In the above video, Lake says she wants to make America better, because it was never great in the first place. A Home Depot spokesman said, “We appreciate and understand the concerns of our loyal customers. In terms of the message, our associates are not permitted to wear items that reflect political statements. Unfortunately, no one on our management team saw her wearing the hat — otherwise, they would have had her remove it immediately.” Lake said this was the first time she wore the hat to work and nobody, including her supervisors, ever asked her to remove it. 

Via BuzzPo

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