The annoyingly smug and arrogant Brit Piers Morgan is notorious for his vociferously anti-gun stance.

Morgan used to host a show on CNN.

That was before Megyn Kelly got a primetime show on Fox News, where she has utterlydominated the ratings war.

Piers Morgan recently appeared on Megyn’s The Kelly File, where he admitted defeat while they discussed the cancellation of his CNN show, among other things like the protests in Ferguson. (H/T Western Journalism)

“When you started at nine o’clock and you were up against me, I tweeted you saying, ‘Bring it, Megyn Kelly!’” Morgan said. “And the mere fact that I’m now a guest on your show indicates that you brought it.”

“Thank you very much for being such a gracious loser,” Kelly joked.

Morgan laughed at being called a gracious loser, then said that it was only a temporary defeat.

He followed that up with another startling admission, mentioning that he actually watches Kelly’s show, now that he isn’t directly competing against her, and that he actually agrees with her more often than not.

“Warningly, I agree with a lot of what you say, which is a quite disturbing revelation,” Morgan said.

Kelly replied that “perhaps it’s not the brand that you expected, when you spent too much time at the Huffington Post.”

“That may be true,” Morgan consented.

It was good to see a humbled Piers Morgan admitting defeat, and proving that he is a good sport about it.

While Megyn Kelly had a little fun with him, it was obvious that she bore no ill will towards him, and the two retain a level of mutual journalistic respect for each other.

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