Megyn Kelly Gets Some DEVASTATING News From Fox News!

What’s the deal with Megyn Kelly? She’s continuing to draw critisism from conservatives after an explosive interview with Newt Gingrich last night, but that’s hardly the start of it.

Megyn Kelly has lost viewers in the hundreds of thousands from Donald Trump supporters who felt alienated by her during her brief public feud with the candidate.

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones, among the many victims of Bill Clinton and his serial enabler, Hillary Rodham Clinton, welcomed Newt Gingrich’s smackdown of the star of Fox News’s The Kelly File on Tuesday night.

As Gingrich pointed out to Megyn, her and others in the mainstream media were beating the Trump “Access Hollywood” tape into the ground while reciting the Clinton mantra that Bill’s sexual assaults while holding public office were “old news” and no longer relevant. It doesn’t seem to matter to those talking about Trump’s alleged crimes, that the alleged crimes were committed around the same time as Bill’s. Are they old news then?

Anyway, the rest of the public is siding with Gingrich for taking Kelly down, and that could be leading to a Fox News shakeup.

As Webdaily reported:

Rupert Murdoch made his salary negotiations with Kelly public this week, saying that while keeping her with Fox is a priority, he has other hosts who could take over the program should she try and go to a rival network.

“[W]e have a deep bench of talent, many of whom would give their right arm for that spot,” said Murdoch.

Kelly is rumored to be receiving $15 million per year right now, but she is supposedly looking to make $20 million a year when she renegotiates her contract in July. The fact that Murdoch said other hosts can take over for her, however, suggests that she won’t be getting that extremely high raise.

Is Megyn Kelly going to be hitting the exit?

Many are speculating that at a minimum, Sean Hannity will be taking Megyn’s time slot.

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