Megyn Kelly gets PISSED when Priebus won’t criticize Trump’s new campaign CEO (VIDEO)


I guess Megyn Kelly still has some beef with Donald Trump.

We all remember how the Trump/Kelly feud started back during the first Republican Presidential debate. Megyn informed Trump that he’s made plenty of derogatory statements in the past, some aimed at women. She began reading off quotes in the past when Trump called women “dogs, fat pigs, wild animals” to which Trump immediately interrupted “only Rosie O’Donnell.” It was at that moment that he had my vote.

For months onward, there was a public feud between the two. Trump even skipped one of the Republican Presidential debates where she would’ve been moderator (though he denies it was because Megyn was moderating) and held his own fundraiser instead. It finally began to end when the two had a meeting at Trump tower, and an eventual lengthy interview on her show.

Despite that appearing to signal the end to their public feud, the other day on her show she tried to bait Reince Priebus into attacking the Trump campaign for bringing on Breitbart chairman Stephen Bannon as his “campaign CEO.”

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Poor Megyn Kelly.

She is always trying to cause division in Trump’s campaign and she once again failed MISERABLY!

Watch this exchange below…

Whose side is she on anyway?

There’s only one major network that’s center-right, and that’s FOX News. The entire establishment media, with the exception of FOX, is anti-Trump, and vehemently so, painting him as a racist/sexist/misogynist/Islamophobe/etc. The only conservative network shouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire, they should be dispelling the myths that liberals have created about his image.

Megyn’s ratings have been falling (and now Rachel Maddow surpasses her in total viewers) – is she hedging her bets to work at a liberal network in-case she’s sent packing? That’s anyone’s guess. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.