Melania Just Made Shock Announcement About Why Michelle Is Hiding On Island Alone Right Now

It has been a little over a week since Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast of Texas leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The good people of the Lone Star state have been working feverishly to clean up the mess that this monster storm has left behind as the whole country continues to lift them in prayer. People from all over the country have been lending a hand to help our neighbors in Texas including President Trump and First Lady Melania. The mainstream media has been quick to criticize the president and our first lady as they try to help the victims of this devastating storm in any way they can. While there are those on the left that are quick to attack the Trump’s for their efforts they seem to miss that the Obama’s have not lifted a finger to help at all. And, now Melania has decided to tell the world why Michelle is off on an island by herself that will surely tick the left off. 

The left loves to attack President Trump and Melania Trump every chance they get which is quite often. Even throughout this devastating natural disaster that has affected millions of Americans, the left is still condemning President Trump and Melania. These miserable leftists have not stopped complaining about Melania’s shoes and how long it took for Trump to arrive in Texas. These moronic liberals have even gone as far as to praise Michelle Obama for her fashion sense while on vacation while American people are suffering in Texas. Obviously, Melania has noticed the absolute hypocrisy and has decided to say something about Michelle’s island vacay that should really cut her to the core.

President Trump and Melania have already visited the storm ravaged area twice since Harvey hit a little a week ago. Melania wanted the people of Texas to know that they have not been forgotten and that she wanted to help in any way possible. So, these two amazing individuals kept their word by loading supplies, playing with the children in the shelter and even helping feed the hungry evacuees. Melania made a promise to those that were affected by this storm and it appears she is intent on keeping it.

Here is more from Politics Note:

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Melania Trump gave a seven-word promise to the people of Texas that she won’t just give them words, but action, in order to alleviate the suffering faced by those who are in the hurricane’s path.

Words, not action — that’s something we haven’t seen for a while out of a first lady.

In a Tuesday press release from the White House’s Office of the First Lady, Trump offered her sympathy and support to those affected by the tragedy.

“The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt in Texas, Louisiana, and other parts of the country for many months and years to come,” the statement read. “So far, 1.7 million people are under orders to evacuate their homes, and, as the floodwater in Houston rises, sadly, so will the number of evacuees.

“I want to be able to offer my help and support in the most productive way possible, not through just words, but also action,” she continued. “What I found to be the most profound during the visit was not only the strength and resilience of the people of Texas but the compassion and sense of community that has taken over the State. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the people of Texas and Louisiana.”

Now, of course, what did the media focus on when it came to Melania’s response to the hurricane? The fact that she wore heels: “When is a shoe not just a shoe?” wrote Vanessa Friedman in The New York Times. “When it is a pair of very high, needle-thin heels worn by the first lady of the United States on her way to the site of a natural disaster. Then it becomes a symbol for what many see as the disconnect between the Trump administration and reality; another example of the way in which this president and his family continue to define ‘appropriate’ their own way; and an excuse for partisan name-calling.”

If you cut out everything aside from “an excuse for partisan name-calling,” you’d have something accurate. However, since we’re going to be partisan, let’s look at the fact that Melania Trump is promising action to make this country better, as opposed to the words Michelle Obama gave us.

Michelle said she would fix our nation’s school lunches; she gave our children slop. She said she wanted to end division in America while talking about how, after her husband was nominated, “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” Words, undone by actions — and more words.

This is what true leadership and compassion really look like. While Melania is out there helping those that are in need Michelle Obama is off sunning herself on the beaches of Mallorca, Spain with her friends from the LGBT community. While Melania is feeding those that have no food, Michelle is dining at five-star restaurants and cruising around in yachts.

This is the true heart and legacy of Barack and Michelle Obama and it about that they are being exposed for who they truly are.

H/T [ Washington Examiner ]

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