Melania Put On Blue Coat To Show Up At Surprise Location On Special Mission That Enraged Michelle

First Lady Melania Trump is the very picture of class and elegance that America has been lacking for so long. After eight long years of witnessing Michelle Obama disgrace the title of First Lady, it is refreshing to see Melania grace the White House. Every where that Melania shows up she creates a stir with her keen fashion sense and gentle demeanor. Everyone in the mainstream media has been following Melania to see where she shows up next and what she is wearing. So, when Melania turned up at this surprise location looking fabulous again you know Michelle Obama is seething with envy.

Last week, Melania Trump fanned the flames of liberal stupidity when they attacked her for wearing stilettos on Air Force One to visit Hurricane Harvey victims. This absurd display of liberal pettiness was all over social media as the left ripped Melania a part for her choice of footwear. It didn’t seem to matter that the First Lady had changed her entire outfit on the plane including her heels for a pair of sensible walking shoes. The faux outrage went even as far as to have a Vogue fashion contributor write an article ripping the former model to shreds.

So, you would think that after Melania changed out of her “offensive” footwear the left would calm down and let it go, right? Not a chance, this is the left we are talking about. When Melania Trump stepped off Air Force One last week in Corpus Christi, Texas, she was sporting a black hat with FLOTUS stitched across the front of it.

Then on Saturday Melania Trump tweaked the hypocritical left by stirring up liberal rage when she wore stilettos onto Air Force One again. Of course, the First Lady changed into something much more comfortable once arriving in Texas, but the left had to take as many cheap shots as they could at our beautiful First Lady. Nevermind the fact that Melania was out in the heat working to make sure that Hurricane Harvey victims were getting supplies and feeding the hungry. The First Lady was seen working hard loading trucks with President Trump while wearing a baseball cap with Texas across the front to show solidarity with the Lone Star state.

Then this past Sunday, Melania and President Trump really tweaked the hateful left with what they were both caught doing. You see after Hurricane Harvey left the area President Trump visited the storm ravaged area and called for a National Day of Prayer on this past Sunday. This gesture was embraced by conservatives and most everyone else across the country as it demonstrated Trump’s amazing leadership skills and softer side. Well, this Sunday President Trump and Melania Trump was seen leaving a church and of course, Melania knocked it out the park with this elegant look.

Here is more from Inquisitr:

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump chose to attend St. John’s Church for their place of worship on the newly proclaimed National Day of Prayer. As reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump announced “Prayer Sunday” recently, and spoke about how prayer was sorely needed in the country – during the same announcement wherein he surprised Melania by asking her to say a few words – then noted what a “great job” Melania did after being put on the spot. By Sunday, September 3, President Trump stepped out for church services with Melania to show their support for a National Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey. As seen in the below photo, Melania wore pastel colors and sky-high heels once more.

Melania sported a coat that seemed to be the color of a robin’s egg, and a dress that was pink. Trump waved as he and Melania left St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. Trump had declared a National Day of Prayer by signing a proclamation in recent days to focus on prayer for any persons who were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

[Image By Chris Kleponis – Pool/Getty Images]

According to the Washington Post, President Trump and Melania arrived for church services at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. The church is an Episcopal church from the 1800s, nearby the White House. President Trump and Melania also attended services at the same church on the day Trump was inaugurated.

Whereas Melania chose brighter colors, President Trump donned a dark suit with a tie that contained colors that complimented Melania’s pink dress and powder-blue coat. Additional photos show President Trump speaking with Rev. D. Andrew Olivo, with the publication reporting that Trump shook hands with others inside the church. President Trump urged people to pray for the devastation experienced in the storm region.

At a meeting on Friday with leaders in the faith community, President Trump not only signed the proclamation but also spoke from the Oval Office about Americans being prayerful people, especially during times of crisis, in order to “ask for God’s blessing and God’s guidance.”

Seeing Melania Trump looking this elegant and classy must have Michelle Obama fuming mad. Even on Michelle’s best day, she cannot hold a candle to Melania Trump’s flawless style and elegance. Not only that, but Melania displays such a genuine heartfelt love for others in her desire to serve the country.

For Melania to go to Texas with President Trump and show the country and the world that she stands with the American people is a real class act that the United States deserves to see again.

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