Melania Just Received The Last Call She Ever Expected A Couple Days After Inauguration — This Is HUGE!

Melania Trump better be ready for a fun four to eight years as she connects with tons of new personalities, stars, politicians, and world leaders. Sara Netanyahu called her to congratulate her on the victorious election and on being named the new First Lady of the United States.


“This evening Mrs. Sara Netanyahu called Mrs. Melania Trump to congratulate her on becoming the First Lady of the United States. The two look forward to seeing each other soon in Washington and to working together to strengthen the ties between Israel and the USA,” the prime minister said on his Facebook page.

That’s wonderful. It’s pleasant to see the wives of other world leaders call Melania and give a warm welcome. Even if you disagree with a world leader, you should still extend the same amount of respect that you would expect them to have for you. In order for our worlds to unite, our leaders must be on good terms, and we mustn’t alienate each other. Except for the migrant refugees. Screw those criminals. There’s a reason they’re called RAPEfugees and I’m not interested in working with them until they learn how to act civilized.

It shows appreciation and respect when Sara Netanyahu reaches out to chat with Melania. It builds a bond and those small bonds can lead to further unity with other countries, increase trades, and make everyone happy in the long run.

Benjamin Netanyahu also spoke with Donald Trump.

If there’s a way to strengthen the teamwork between the United States and Israel, then I’m all for it. Anytime two teams can join up and work together, that’s a good thing.

Now we need more world leaders to gather, work together, and it will be a great four to eight years.

Make Earth Great Again.

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