Melania Drops Everything To Do Something Special For Irma Victims, Sick Libs Destroy It Seconds Later

Melania Trump took a moment from her day to give some hope and safety precautions to those in the path of Hurricane Irma. She posted a clear message on Twitter for those in the way of the storm to find safety by listening to their local law enforcement and whatever message they provided (likely evacuations). She wished them well with a message to stay safe. It probably only took a few seconds for the liberal tears to flow harder than a category five storm and they flooded Melania’s Twitter post like crazy.

That was her message. Sweet, subtle, and simple. She said nothing wrong, but the liberal tears flowed and the replies were plenty. Leave it to upset and miserable liberals to talk trash to the First Lady while she lets people know that she’s thinking of them during a time of potential natural disaster. This behavior, from obvious liberals/democrats, is why people can’t take the left seriously.

Americans are always strong, united, resilient, kind, and caring when it comes to Hurricanes or other disasters. People don’t care what party you’re with, they’ll save and rescue you no matter what. Good people pack their partisanship in their pocket and support each other as fellow Americans. We save each other first, then we fight about politics later. That’s what makes Americans the gritty people they are. We’re smart enough to unite when the calling comes, but then we’re ready to battle each other as soon as the coast is clear. We’re smart, we know when the time is right to put our differences aside and be there to support each other. As much as we love to argue, we always put those differences away when needed.

Except for the liberals. They’re a miserable bunch of people. No matter what happens, they’re not ever happy. Trump could walk into the eye of a hurricane and the liberals would complain about how many steps he took, or what color tie he was wearing. Nothing makes a liberal happy.

It’s quite obvious when you see people like trying to trash Melania Trump on Twitter when all she wrote was something simple and nice for hurricane survivors.

Here are a few Tweets from the liberal side show. I get it that they’re trying to be funny by talking about her shoes, but the reality of it is this – liberals truly are miserable people.

Let’s observe some of the Tweets they attacked Melania with.

A Black Lives Matter supporter, who is faceless, thinks he/she/it is funny. I get the joke. It’s not a bad joke, but the reality of it is even funnier. What do Melania’s shoes have to do with people evacuating locations set to be in the path of Hurricane Irma? Is Melania putting on powerful shoes and stopping the hurricane with them? Not really. Half decent joke, but it’s based on something completely stupid. What’s funnier is that this faceless Fraracci supports Black Lives Matter. What is BLM doing to help people affected by hurricanes? That’s right! Nothing!

Good thing Mark Burt set the bewildered BLM supporter straight with some logic.

Below is another faceless Twitter user who commented on Melania’s previous modeling career. One photo shoot from 1997 featured Melania in a bit risque position with another female, however, it was basic posing – not “porn” as one would suggest. There’s plenty of places to get that and a half nude photo shoot done in an artsy fashion is not actually porn.

We should also remind this user that President Trump is not committing treason in any way.

Then there’s this person asking about footwear like we haven’t heard that joke already.

But thankfully we have another intelligent person on Melania’s feed to put the troll back under the bridge.

Because literally, no one with a brain thinks Melania Trump would actually wear stilettos in a hurricane.

In between useless liberal drivel, we would also see Tweets like the two below. These are helpful to anyone willing to spread the message and help people in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Thank you, Elise and Cameron, for spreading helpful tools that could lead people to safety and shelter.

Then there’s this guy.

Rescue her from Donald Trump for what reason? Melania married Donald on January 22, 2005. Parry’s Tweet is twelve years too late.

Good thing I reminded him of his irrelevance.

Had he said something like this on the date Donald and Melania were married, then it would have been funny. Lots of people make jokes about weddings and their guy or girl getting hitched. One of the most popular jokes is the “game over” saying where the men are considered to be in “real life” now that they’re married. At least Parry shows his face. I have respect for people who put their picture out there, even if the Tweet is mundane or falls short of a giggle. The faceless trolls are usually not funny and too scared, or embarrassed, to take command and responsibility of their words.

Then I saw this:

She brings us back to the original point that some people are simply miserable.

Thank you to Melania Trump and Donald Trump for keeping Texas on their mind. We hope they do the same for Florida and surrounding areas in the Caribbean.

They’re going to need relief and we need to happily provide it.

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