After The Trumps’ First Overseas Trip, Everyone Says Melania Isn’t The First Lady – Here’s Who Is

The President has given his daughter Ivanka a high priority in his administration as well as a coveted job. Giving the perception that he values her opinions far more than others in the administration. He has also notably given Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner an important role as well.

On his first overseas trip abroad the President brought his daughter and son-in-law sparking rumors that Ivanka is playing more of a First Lady role than Melania Trump herself.

Ivanka has appeared at state level meetings, classified briefings, receptions, dinners, and events. While Melania Trump has been more in the background as she currently lives in New York with her son Barron until he finishes school. Which has made people believe that Ivanka has been taking over her role.

Some argue that the First Lady’s body language indicates she never wanted the position she holds and that she is a more reserved and private person. Whereas the position of First Lady requires one to live under public scrutiny. Liberals have tried to create a narrative in which Melania hates her husband which they point to her refusing to hold his hand as evidence of.

Via Daily Mail:

No Trump superlative is too great for Daddy’s little darling. She’s the apple of his eye, she can walk into the Oval Office without an appointment, and the woman whom he once queasily said he would probably be dating if she wasn’t his daughter. She’s ‘got the best body’, he boasted to a radio show when she was all of 21.

Now she’s his White House ‘assistant’, an undefined, unpaid role, and has her own office in the West Wing and a front row seat in government.

So far, Ivanka has proved a political asset, turning on the charm with world leaders.

Just days after Mr Trump had an uncomfortable meeting with Angela Merkel, apparently failing to shake her hand, the German leader was welcoming his daughter to a conference on working women in Berlin. She managed it again this week with the Pope — one minute he was standing glowering next to Donald Trump and the next he had a huge smile on his face as he shook Ivanka’s hand.

The President can rely on his daughter to get opponents eating out of his hand.

For all her protestations that she wanted to just be a daughter to the President, nobody was surprised when Ivanka took a White House post which entails being one of his chief confidantes.

Insiders say she has more liberal views on issues such as abortion and gay rights, and doesn’t hesitate to contradict her father.

Critics are not convinced, asking how can she really be the feminist progressive she claims to be when her father — who boasted groping women was one of the perks of power — is a misogynist dinosaur.

While Ivanka was a regular stand-in for her father on the campaign trail, Melania was a reluctant campaigner during the election.

When Melania did finally make a major speech, at the Republican National Convention, it emerged that bits of it had been cribbed from a speech by Michelle Obama.

First Lady of Politics? Ivanka. A chip off the old block in sharing her father’s drive and ambition.

While Ivanka met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel First Lady Melania Trump has not made many public appearances with world leaders with the exception of Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife. However, Ivanka and her siblings have had nothing but kind things to say about Melania in the press raving about what a good mother and wife she is. Indicating the liberal narrative of a rivalry between the two is likely just false.

Ivanka once said the following about Melania’s decision to remain more private,

“Melania is an unbelievable mother. It’s pretty uncommon for wives of candidates to not be on the campaign trail every day. And she made a decision I totally respect, which is that she has a young son, he needs stability, he needs routine. My father’s traveling so frequently, and she is an unbelievably consistent, loving and reliable figure in Barron’s life. Melania is very smart, she’s very warm, she’s got an incredible heart.”

Both stood side by side one another in black mantilla while escorting their spouses to visit with the Pope on the next stop on their overseas trip. Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post said the following about both ladies appearances at the Vatican City visit with the Pope,

“Preternaturally beautiful, they seemed to glide as apparitions above the sea of dark suits and white robes and must have struck fear in the hearts of men whose culture demands that women be publicly invisible. Wordlessly, they projected strength, intelligence, grace—and a timeless wisdom that all women share.”

Despite how well they work together and what kind things they have to say about one another it is clear that Melania is remaining more behind the closed doors of privacy while Ivanka doesn’t have a problem taking a front row seat. Despite her lack of government salary and the fact that she doesn’t have a title lIke Melania has she is acting like more of a First Lady than her stepmother is.

She is always at functions and sometimes steps in at her father’s meetings. Whereas Melania is always the last to volunteer to give a speech and remained off the campaign trail. Videos show her jokingly not wanting to offer a few words after her husband gave very productive speeches. In reality, the person who is really the First Lady is Ivanka Trump. And nobody seems to have a problem with that.

She is Ivy League educated and intelligent, and she owns her own successful companies alongside her siblings. She is an independent woman who is a byproduct of her father, so it isn’t a surprise that he would want her by his side working with him to achieve better ends. The country is lucky to have someone like that her in the administration, and we are better off because of it. Liberals need to stop complaining and be appreciative that we have a role model like her for our children in such a powerful and influential position.

All our children have something productive to learn from her, and we have Donald Trump out thank for that.

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