Melania Just Named President Trump’s ‘Greatest Asset’ After Shocking Detail She Kept Quiet Comes Out

She’s been called an illegal alien, an escort, a trophy wife, and even a foreign spy by the liberal party who should love her for many reasons. She’s an immigrant (which they supposedly love), she was very successful in her chosen field before settling down with a family. She’s also very diversely educated, speaking multiple languages and able to converse with children and world leaders alike. Even this, though, makes the left mad. They’ve tried to say that she’s actually a captive, insinuating that no one would willingly stay with President Trump. I suppose they just assume that everyone else is as shallow as they are and couldn’t possibly love a person for what they are on the inside.

She has stayed the course though, and proved to all the haters that she’s not only decidedly the most beautiful and classy first lady in recent history but possibly the most useful and patient one as well. Even some of the liberals are having to concede that she’s been a tremendous asset to the White House in her short time as FLOTUS.

Via Poll Hype:

“Politco doesn’t have the best relationship with the Trump administration. But, even enemies of Donald recognize that Melania is the secret weapon of the Trump White House.

‘Melania Trump has power. The kind of power that just might be able to convince the millions of Americans and foreigners who don’t like, who even fear, Donald Trump that he is NOT a solitary, impulsive, dangerous monster,’ said Matt Latimer of Politico Magazine.

Latimer might be right, Melania’s incredible power can change the tide. Whenever Melania steps in front of the cameras she’s immediately front page news. From her style to her incredible parenting methods, she wins over both the left and the right!

The media loves to change Trump’s language, but they’ve yet to really challenge Melania’s voice. As an immigrant, she has seen firsthand the struggles of a war-torn nation and can empathize with foreign nations. Furthermore, she knows that legal immigration can work in this country. Despite what the media says, Mr. Trump is not against legal immigration. In fact, he promotes it. Why would he marry an immigrant if he didn’t believe in the American dream? Sadly, people are to quick to judge him. But, maybe his wife’s story will be able to change their minds.

The TRUTH about Melania’s background has been challenged recently. Fortunately, lawyers have cleaned up the rumors proving that she is a legal immigrant that began working here on a legal visa as a model.

Melania was spotted dinning with Trump in Florida, but her schedule is still a secret. Her Chief of Staff had this to say about FLOTUS in the coming weeks, ‘It has only been a short time since the inauguration and the first lady is going to go about her role in a pragmatic and thoughtful way that is unique and authentic to her.’

It won’t surprise anyone when Melania begins to hit the podium telling her story and how her husband is simply trying to fix a broken system so hardworking people like her can be free. It’s time for all Americans to really listen to the facts about the Trump family and ignore the rumors being spread by outlets like CNN.”

It seems that the liberals who thought that they had her pegged, can’t seem to cope with this revolting turn of events. This former supermodel is actually a kind, genuine person, and for them, that’s gotta hurt. She’s proven that not all beautiful people are mean liberals, and not everyone is so wrapped up in looks that they can’t see people for who they are. Melania’s traditional values have been a burr under the liberal saddle for a long time, and they’re going to have a very difficult time letting go of their grudge against her. Not only has she shown that a model can have the brains that feminists want to believe they don’t have, she’s shown up their precious Michelle in a quiet and kind way, without going out of her way to do it.

It’s obvious that Melania is the picture of class and elegance, with a demeanor that fits and uplifts any situation. She has made the White House a better place and been a huge asset to the President. I think it’s safe to say that when Donald Trump found Melania, he found a good thing. Even the liberals are having a hard time denying that.

(Source: Poll Hype)

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